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As the boundaries between academics are falling apart, fusion of various technology, namely, convergence, hybrid, and fusion are developing into a 'Smart World' establishment through maximization of their mobility, intellectuality, and intrinsic factors. In line with this, reaching the digital convergence era where fusion of broadcasting and communication, communication and computer (internet), cable and radio technology, industries, services, network&contents, and platforms combine, we are giving our efforts to establish Smart & Cloud Ecosystem for much fun, convenient, and safer life of humanity.

The institute began as "Institute of Korea Internet, Broadcasting/TV" in July 2000 and retitled as "Institute of Korea Internet Broadcasting, Telecommunication, and TV" in October 2004. In February 2010, the 10th anniversary of the institution, we retitled as "The Institute of Internet, Broadcasting and Communication". IIBC has been laying the groundwork starting from convergence of previous institute titles for establishment of new growth foundation. So far the institute made vast progress and development with active cooperation of members and dedicated services of the directors. This institute joined the ranks of advanced institute in Korea with the journal, which it was registered candidate journal at National Research Foundation of Korea from 2006 to 2009 and became a registered journal in 2010.

Henceforth, strengthening the brand value of IIBC in both domestic and international is the most urgent at this state in order to deal with valuation criteria diversification of the country flexibly and be a world-class journal. The institute plan to focus and push forward the activation of human network exchange of all societal levels, international conference, English homepage, and vitalize JIIBC and international journal by applying the policy of SCI(E)/SCOPUS and KCI(Korea Citation Index), carry out research and development project, cosponsor with other similar institutions domestically and internationally, for contribution to advancement in scientific technology such as internet, broadcasting, communication, and fusion.

Such aims are possible only with your continuous interest and generous support. The Institute of Internet, Broadcasting, and Communication humbly ask for your unwavering attention and affection as we constantly strive to contribute to the advancement of scientific technology.

Thank you.

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